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Title: MCA 302 Software Engineering Course Materials
Other Titles: SE, S/E, Software Engineering, Soft Engg
Authors: Anoopkumar, Muttathil
Keywords: SE, S/E, Soft. Engg. Software Engineering
Issue Date: 28-Mar-2015
Abstract: Ojectives: • To provide an insight into the processes of software development • To understand and practice the various fields such as analysis, design, development, testing of Software Engg. • To develop skills to construct software of high quality with high reliability • To apply metrics and testing techniques to evaluate the software
Description: Course Outcomes: 1. Ability to gather and specify requirements of the software projects. 2. Ability to analyse software requirements with existing tools 3. Able to differentiate different testing methodologies 4. Able to understand and apply the basic project management practices in real life projects5.Ability to work in a team as well as independently on software projects
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